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Page last modified: 30 March 2018
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On the present homepage you find Gallery HJH with paintings and drawings by Hans Jorgen Henriksen.

You may also find some background information about the artist. 

Beside being an artist (autodidact), I am educated with master degree in civil engineering and psychology of organisation.
The purpose of this web exhibition, is to present my own art works for promoting future exhibitions at galleries or organisations. 

  Nature based solutions (70x100 cm) acrylics on canvas
Blue velvet (70x80 cm) acrylics on canvas
 Anthropocentric man (80 x 100 cm) acrylics on canvas
 Member of the artist network ÅBNE DØRE in Lyngby-Taarbæk. 

My intro video here: http://vimeo.com/5322606    


Podcast intro (fr): http://podcloud.fr/podcast/choses-a-savoir-art/episode/artiste-a-decouvrir-hans-jorgen-henriksen

 External web galleries:
 Saatchi online: http://www.saatchionline.com/hansjorn
 ArtUpClose:  http://www.artupclose.com/hans-jorgen-henriksen
 Harn gallery - Art for sale: http://www.harngallery.com
 Bodyofart : http://www.bodyofart.com/zonering/galleries  
 CV de Hansihttp://zonering.dk/xpdf/dehansicv2018.pdf